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ALUCA TurksLegal Scholarship

Applications for the 2017 ALUCA TurksLegal Scholarship will be available in mid-July 2017. Stay tuned for details!

Nick Wendon, Product Manager, Macquarie Group (formerly Insurance Manager (Superannuation), AMP) was awarded the 2016 ALUCA TurksLegal Scholarship for his outstanding essay focused on creating a sustainable insurance design in Superannuation.

In his paper, Nick investigates the role of insurance within superannuation and provides a guide as to how trustees can balance the need to provide financial protection to members and the possible depletion of a member’s retirement income. He explores the diverse range of commentary from insurers, regulators, law firms, wealth managers, consultancies and trustees and combines this with his own first-hand experience to determine what he considers to be the critical industry response to ensuring the sustainability of the future of insurance design in Superannuation.

The 1st runner-up was, Christine Gan, Senior Manager, CommInsure (formerly Hannover Life Re Australia) for her paper on Mental Health Underwriting and Antidiscrimination. The 2nd runner-up was Elizabeth Haddow-Allen, Senior Rehabilitation Consultant, CommInsure for her paper on TPD in an Era of Change.

Here are links to the winning papers:


Now in its 11th year, the ALUCA TurksLegal Scholarship is designed to support the professional growth of ALUCA and its members by providing a significant career development opportunity for professionals working in the life insurance industry.

Entrants must submit an application form together with an essay (2,500 word maximum) answering one of 10 questions, drawn from a broad range of topic areas pertaining to the life insurance sector.


The winner of the Scholarship wins an overseas conference package valued up to AU$8,000 including return travel, accommodation, $1,000 cash and registration to one of the following conferences of their choice:

  • Eastern Claims Conference, USA
  • LOMA Life Insurance Conference, USA
  • DI & LTC Insurers’ Forum, USA

In addition to the major prize, the winner is invited to sit on the judging panel alongside senior industry leaders for next year’s scholarship and receives automatic membership to TurksLegal’s scholarship alumni program, Life Insurance Future Thinking (LIFT).

The 1st runner-up prize is a $1,000 Visa pre-paid gift card and the 2nd runner-up prize is a $250 restaurant voucher.


The Scholarship is open to all members of ALUCA regardless of country of residence. Each entrant must be a current financial member of ALUCA and work in the life insurance industry. Entry is not open to members of the ALUCA National Board. Lawyers, accountants or medico-legal consultants who meet the above criteria are eligible to enter provided they are direct employees of life insurance companies, life reinsurance companies, superannuation trustees or superannuation administrators.


The 2016 judging panel comprised the following senior industry leaders:

  • Brett Clark, Group Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director, TAL
  • Alexis George, Managing Director, Wealth Australia, ANZ
  • Phil Hay, Head of Life Insurance, BT Financial Group
  • Damien Mu, CEO, AIA
  • Nick Mingo, Claims Rehabilitation Specialist, Swiss Re (2015 Scholarship winner)
  • Devi Uka, Deputy Chairperson, ALUCA
  • Malcolm Weir, Finance and insurance executive
  • Linda Winterbottom,  Claims Rehabilitation Consultant, RGA Reinsurance
  • John Myatt, Partner and Practice Head of Insurance & Financial Services, TurksLegal
  • Alph Edwards, Partner, TurksLegal
  • Darryl Pereira, Partner, TurksLegal