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LIFT – Our Scholarship Alumni

As a winner or runner up of the ALUCA TurksLegal Scholarship program, you will automatically be entitled to join LIFT (Life Insurance Future Thinking) - a complementary and exclusive alumni program.

LIFT brings together the winners and runners up of the ALUCA TurksLegal Scholarship since 2007, subject area specialists and senior management, to connect, share and discuss ideas that will shape the future of the life insurance industry. This talented group of forward thinking, life insurance professionals, joins together once a year in person and meets regularly online in our LIFT Online community.

As a member of LIFT you will benefit from:

  • Industry knowledge - access information about what’s happening in the industry and how this is being applied in other organisations, according to peers and industry experts.
  • Exclusive attendance at roundtable events - hosted by a select panel of matter experts and senior industry executives (for which ANZIIF CIP points are available).
  • The opportunity to contribute to papers and submissions; speak at industry events and contribute to industry articles
  • Build relationships with other industry leaders and experts, and connect with life insurance professionals all different stages of their careers - share journeys, challenges and successes.

All we ask of you as a member is that you bring your ideas, your passion and an open mind!

Click here to read the 2017 TurksLegal LIFT Whitepaper on Living the Code: Engendering Trust as a Life Insurance Professional.