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What’s the Latest In Group?

The 2017 ANZIIF Group Life Seminar will take place in Melbourne on Tuesday 30 May and in Sydney on Tuesday 6 June.

The gathering which has been a hot ticket for several years now, due to its cutting edge content, will embrace an exciting new format this year. The seminar will be following a claim scenario that will touch, in a very practical way, on some of the more innovative things that are currently happening with member benefits.

The story starts with a decision to significantly change a fund’s benefit design. How do recent legal decisions play out in this context when the member is injured; particularly when potential retraining now makes a vital difference to a TPD benefit being paid or not?  What will be the impact of the trustee’s decision to move from a traditional TPD definition to one that is paid in instalments?

Claims investigations, as so often happens, turn up some facts that turn the claim on its head. The member’s hours may mean he should really have been assessed under an ADL definition? The plot thickens …

To comment on this real-world hypothetical Adrian Rees (APRA) contributes a regulator’s perspective. Linda Winterbottom (RGA) will work through the claim from the perspective of a rehabilitation professional and Darryl Pereira (TurksLegal) will be the guide through the legal minefield that this claim presents for the trustee and insurer.

Make sure you register for this major industry event at https://anziif.com/events/group-life-seminar