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Short shots

  • State of NSW v Stockwell [2017] NSWCA 30 (1 March 2017) - The worker disputed a section 54 notice informing him that he was no longer entitled to weekly compensation payments based on the assumption that the 2012 Amendments (which came into force from 27.06.12) applied to him.
  • Spence v Roof Safe Services Pty Ltd [2017] NSWCCA 27 (3 February 2017) - The worker suffered an injury to his left knee in January 2015 when he slipped on a ladder. The worker sought approval to undergo a total knee replacement. The insurer accepted that the procedure was reasonably necessary but disputed that the need resulted from the injury.
  • Hill v SL Hill and Associates Pty Ltd (Deregistered) [2017] NSWWCC 11 (12 January 2017) - The worker initially commenced proceedings in the Workers Compensation Commission that was listed for four teleconferences but on each occasion was not ready to proceed and was eventually discontinued at an arbitration hearing.
  • Jaffari v Quality Castings Pty Ltd [2017] NSWWCCPD 2 (28 February 2017) - This case involved the determination of an appeal from the decision of an arbitrator by Acting President Michael Snell in a matter that was previously the subject of an earlier determination by a presidential member and appeal to the NSW Court of Appeal with the matter being remitted for re-determination by a different Arbitrator.
  • Johnson v Oztag Merchandise Pty Ltd [2017] NSWWCC 77 (21 March 2017) - The Arbitrator determined that the employer had failed to establish the worker’s psychological injury was wholly or predominantly caused by its action with respect to demotion so that the defence under section 11A(1) failed accordingly.
  • Jande v Broad Spectrum (Australia) Pty Ltd [2017] NSWWCC 79 (3 April 2017) - A decision by an Arbitrator who held that the worker had suffered a consequential condition to her left shoulder arising from an injury to her right shoulder and that proposed surgery was reasonably necessary as a result.
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