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Short shots

Blaga Popovska v Wollongong UniCentre Limited [2017] NSWWCC 83 (11 April 2017) 

The worker brought a claim alleging that she suffered psychological injury as a result of the nature and conditions of her employment ‘involving exposure to a highly stressful workplace which included unreasonable criticism, bullying and marginalisation’ by her co-workers and managers’.

Bailey v The Workers Compensation Nominal Insurer [2017] NSWDC 57 (22 March 2017)

The plaintiff (worker) alleged that he suffered psychiatric injury due to workplace bullying including an incident of abuse by a supervisor. The court did not accept the worker’s version of his prior work history or the event in question. The plaintiff’s claim was ultimately rejected by the court finding that ‘the evidence for the plaintiff, at its highest, is angry arguments at work, where the plaintiff’s own conduct (such as smoking in the workplace and not taking his medication) is part of the problem. 

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