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Dispute Resolution

The breakdown of a business relationship can often be avoided if a dispute is professionally managed from the outset and proactively administered to the outcome.

Early collaboration is key: It helps enable us to keep clients from court, or place them in a strong position should litigation proceed.

Timely and cost effective

Our close relationships with financial institutions and bank lenders has given us an appreciation of the sensitivity each has in the preservation of its brand and the need to be mindful of potential reputational damage, all the while ensuring disputes are managed in a timely, collegiate, firm and cost effective manner.

The TurksLegal dispute resolution team includes qualified mediators highly trained and experienced in negotiation and intercession.  Their services include:

  • Juggling the priorities of competing security holders
  • Delicately conducting fraud allegations
  • Defending lenders against all manner of claims raised by their borrowers
  • Conducting sensitive litigation without compromising a lender’s reputational integrity

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