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Recoveries and Asset Realisation

We provide specialist legal services through a dedicated team of experts, well developed systems and precedents covering all aspects of securities enforcement and recovery. Our team is developing an enviable reputation in the area of informal workouts; a relatively recent development in the rescue or rejuvenation of financially distressed enterprises, which, though complex, offer almost unlimited flexibility.

The TurksLegal team understands that asset realisation and recovery is much more than a simple point and shoot exercise. Rather, it frequently requires a whole picture approach and consideration of an extraordinary array of interrelated laws, jurisdictions and business relationships; regardless of whether the particular distressed lends are supported by residential, agribusiness, corporate, commercial or financial assets and securities.

The full suite

For residential security realisations, we offer the full suite of services, from preparing the initial default/demand, through to the conduct of possession proceedings, arranging agents, or Sheriff’s Officers to take physical possession - and acting on the ultimate sale - of the security property.

Additionally, TurksLegal provides support to and acts for creditors, receivers, administrators and borrowers in a wide range of scenarios, including:

  • Farm debt mediations and securing and protecting agribusiness assets
  • Responding to claims under consumer protection laws
  • Excluding property from confiscation under various Proceeds of Crimes legislation
  • Preparing, settling and lodging security documentation
  • Pursuing shortfall recoveries from borrowers and guarantors
  • Dealing with group proceedings or class actions following the collapse of managed investment schemes
  • Conducting winding up and bankruptcy proceedings for creditors
  • Supporting lenders in their management of FOS applications