Dust Diseases

We have been advising and representing insurers and employers in dust diseases claims throughout Australia for more than 25 years.

We handle a wide range of claims on behalf of state and federal agencies that are litigated primarily in the NSW Dust Diseases Tribunal (and in the Supreme Court of NSW – Court of Appeal). These include cases of asbestos-related diseases, silicosis, and other obstructive airways diseases; as well as some more obscure dust-related conditions such as hard-metal pneumoconiosis. As these claims involve workers who have been exposed to toxic dust over many years of employment, claims in the Tribunal often involve multiple employers, suppliers and manufacturers being sued as defendants or cross defendants, adding to the complexity of the litigation.

The effective defence of claims requires our lawyers to have comprehensive knowledge of the specific medical conditions, their causes, treatment and prevention; and the state of knowledge of employers regarding the risks to employees at various times over many decades.

Our dust diseases experts have the specialised knowledge to effectively manage dust diseases claims to obtain the best results for our clients, without losing sight of the sensitivity often required in conducting these cases and our commitment to the model litigant policy.