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2023 ALUCA Turks Life Insurance Scholarship - Winner Announcement

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  • Published 16.10.2023

Matthew Garrett from Australian Retirement Trust is the winner of the 2023 ALUCA Turks Life Insurance Scholarship (ATLIS)
Matthew, Claims Technical Specialist, has taken out this year’s prestigious ALUCA Turks Life Insurance Scholarship with his outstanding paper on 'The Rise of Artificial Intelligence: Life Insurance Implications: Is the risk worth the  reward?’

The well-researched paper broke down the complex issues around AI into an easy to digest analysis of how AI has the capacity to revolutionise life insurance for the good of customer and insurer alike.  

The Scholarship prize is an overseas conference package valued at up to $8,000 including return travel, accommodation, $1,000 cash and registration to one of the following conferences in the USA:

•   2024 Eastern Claims Conference
•   2024 Life Insurance Conference
•   2024 Supplemental Health, DI & LTC Conference

In addition to the major prize, Matthew will be invited to:

•   sit on the judging panel for next year’s ATLIS; and
•   speak to his paper at Turks’ Life Matters session to be held in early 2024.

"It was a standout winning paper that illustrated that the future is fast upon us and it is something that should be embraced rather than treated with apprehension. The vision and the boldness of the paper is just what we look for in an ATLIS winning paper" said Alph Edwards, Partner and Practice Head of Turks' Life Insurance, Superannuation & Financial Advice group and head of the ATLISs judging panel.  

The 1st runner-up is, Vanessa Back, Senior Claims Consultant, RGA Reinsurance Company for her paper on ‘Redefining the role of Life Insurance. Vanessa wins a $1,000 Visa pre-paid gift card. The 2nd runner-up is Stuart Wing, Product Manager - Insurance, Rest for his paper on Enhancing the value of group insurance.’ Stuart receives a $250 restaurant voucher.

The Scholarship winners were announced at the ALUCA Momentum Conference in 2023.

The 2024 ALUCA Turks Life Insurance Scholarship is now open!