Employers Liability

TurksLegal has specialised in workers compensation for close to 40 years. We are proud to have one of the largest workers compensation practices in NSW. 

We act on behalf of a wide range of clients touching upon every aspect of industry and trade, including:

  • icare Workers Insurance (Private Employers) 
  • Specialised Insurers
  • icare Insurance for NSW (Government Agencies)
  • Employers
  • National Self-Insurers 
  • Brokers.

We understand that workers compensation can be complex. That is why we have developed our Industry-leading Guide: Workers Compensation in NSW: A Guide for Insurers and Employers, which cuts through the legal jargon. The Guide provides a clear, succinct summary of all areas of workers compensation in NSW, and is used as a trusted training resource across the NSW workers compensation industry. 

We pride ourselves on understanding our clients’ businesses. This assists us to respond pro-actively to claims, and enables us to work with our clients to identify trends and develop strategies to prevent injuries from occurring. Where injuries do occur, we minimise the stress for both the worker and their employer, with a view at all times to achieving a sustainable return to work for injured employees.  

Our approach is always measured; we avoid unnecessary litigation and facilitate quick resolutions to minimise the business impact that long-running claims can have, and to support injured workers in their recovery. Where it is appropriate that a claim is defended, we work collaboratively with our insurer and employer clients to ensure that they are kept informed every step of the way, and engage with them throughout the process.

Our wide range of Workers Compensation Services across NSW and Queensland, include:

  • Workers Compensation claims
  • Motor accident claims
  • Work Injury Damages and common law claims
  • Work, Health & Safety matters
  • Dust Diseases
  • Employment law/Industrial Relations matters
  • Recoveries against third parties.


Key Contact

Adele Fletcher


E: adele.fletcher@turkslegal.com.au