Banking & Lender Solutions

Turks focuses its specialist services on the SME segment of the banking space, offering banks and lenders a complete suite of banking solutions across the entire spectrum of banking. We assist from origination, to supporting the lender through the life of a performing facility and assisting in the best approach when a lender is in the unfortunate circumstance of being required to respond to impaired facilities or distressed borrowers.

Our approach is simple; we are:

  • flexible, and not just in being available. We also discuss different approaches to how we deliver our services and the cost of those services
  • efficient, focussing on the issues that matter to you and making our clients’ jobs easier by staffing each matter with the appropriate resources
  • effective, our banking team has broad experience across the full range of facilities and transactions that occur in the SME space. Many of us have spent time on secondment with financier clients, so we have a deep understanding of what matters to our lender clients and, just as importantly, what does not
  • innovative, in both structuring solutions and providing technical advice

Our teams offer a broad range of specialist services in this area.

We are also committed to and strong advocates for the development of excellence in the Banking & Finance industry in Australia. Established in 2012, the Turks WiBF Leadership Scholarship is an exciting joint initiative between Turks and Women in Banking & Finance (WiBF) to support the professional growth of WiBF members by providing a significant career development opportunity!