Transactions & Commercial & Financial Advisory

Our experience and know-how allows us to deal with complicated and complex transactions for commercial enterprises and finance providers, as well as their customers. Encountering and working through the challenges from ‘both sides’ enables our experienced team of commercial transaction experts to confidently guide our clients on:

  • legal and structuring advice in connection with general finance, corporate finance, acquisition finance, structured finance, property finance, securities and other financing arrangements such as receivables-based financing and derivatives.
  • purchase and disposal of all manner of real, personal and commercial property.
  • leasing of private, commercial, industrial and Crown lands.
  • approaches and management of Personal Property Security Act (PPSA) obligations and responsibilities.

Our advice in relation to contractual agreements, includes:

  • financing and operating leases
  • indemnity agreements
  • maintenance and service agreements
  • licence agreements
  • memorandums of understanding
  • distribution agreements
  • confidentiality agreements
  • shareholder, partnership, and joint venture agreements.
  • consultants agreements