Celebrating 40 Years with a New Fresh Look!

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  • Published 11.10.2021

Celebrating 40 Years!

2021, while not exactly the year we all hoped for, it is a significant one for Turks as we celebrate our 40th anniversary!

40 years of nurturing and developing an expert team of lawyers and 40 years of collaborating with our valued clients, many of whom have been with us from the start and many more we have welcomed along the way.

In recognition of this milestone, we are pleased to showcase our journey from a small Sydney practice to the 200 strong East Coast practice that we are today in the following short video

Our New Look and Feel

As we continue to look to the future and evolve as a firm, we have also taken the opportunity to revisit our brand and with that, we are proud to launch our new look and feel!

You will notice our new logo abbreviates TurksLegal to Turks, reflecting how we have become known to our clients and within the industries we operate. While our brand may have changed, our client promise remains the same - to deliver consistently high quality, practical and innovative legal solutions, through a team of experts committed to our clients’ needs. 

  • We continue to invite your feedback through annual interviews and regular NPS surveys, feedback which has led to a number of enhancements and has awarded Turks with an NPS of over 80 which is world class by industry standards.   
  • We continue to develop great innovations, such as TurksAcademy, TurksDashboards and TurksLive, designed to improve connection in an ever-evolving and challenging landscape.
  • And most importantly, we continue to treat your business, like our business and your people, like ours.   

We are well aware that none of this would be possible without your ongoing support and loyalty. 

On behalf of the Partners and the Turks team – we thank you and we are excited to continue our journey with you.