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The Life Insurance Code of Practice Guides

The FSC's Life Insurance Code of Practice opens a new dialogue with the industry’s customers about how the industry will work with them.

The Code contains ten “Key Code Promises” which are reflected in the individual sections of the Code. Because the Code is a promise to the customer it is not written in a way that is function specific for the individual business units of companies. These guides extract the parts of the Code in a way that allow people that work in insurance companies to see how the Code will apply to what they do on a day-to -day basis.

We hope you find these guides helpful in your journey toward successful implementation.

Coverage and complaints

Coverage, Complaints and Code Governance

Author: John Myatt


Life Insurance Code of Practice: Claims

Author: John Myatt

New Business and Underwriting

Author: John Myatt

Sales, Marketing and Communications

Author: John Myatt