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Employers Liability Newsletter February 2020

  • Newsletter
  • Published 28.02.2020

Legislative Developments
There are no legislative developments to report this month.

Recent Decisions

Withholding information from a worker results in employer action not being considered reasonable under section 11A(1)
Rail Corporation NSW v Aravanopules (2019) NSWWCCPD 65 (17 December 2019)

Fake facts? The trial judge’s role
Zaya v RPS Manidis Roberts Pty Ltd and UGL Engineering Pty Ltd t/a Energised Alliance [2019] NSWCA 320 (20 December 2019)

The sting in the tail! Interest on claims for statutory indemnity
Workers Compensation Nominal Insurer v Allmen Engineering Projects Pty Ltd [2019] NSWSC 1582 (15 November 2019)