Graduate Program

The Turks graduate program is a core recruitment initiative delivered in our Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane offices. It aims to attract applicants who are keen to embark on a challenging and rewarding legal career.

The program operates within a highly supportive environment that allows junior lawyers to relish the opportunity to be involved in cutting-edge legal work, learning from experts at the top of their game. Each graduate is mentored by a partner in the respective practice group as well as being assigned a buddy from a different practice area.

The program runs for 12 months and rotations occur every four months through three different practice groups. This rotation ensures graduates experience a wide variety of legal work and develop a comprehensive skill set. In addition to fostering professional development, we also focus on developing emotional intelligence as we consider this to be just as important as technical ability. It’s important that graduates have an open, friendly and down to earth attitude and this is nurtured throughout the program.

At the conclusion of the program graduates are able to confidently identify the work area that best suits their talents and career goals.