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Reforms to simplify dispute resolution system for injured road users and workers claiming compensation

  • Newsletter Article
  • Published 28.08.2019

Media release: Minister for Customer Service
Victor Dominello
9 August 2019

The Minister has recently confirmed that consultation will take place on changes proposed as part of the state government’s response to the NSW Parliamentary Law and Justice Committees 2018 review of the workers compensation and CTP schemes.

One of the key proposals is for the establishment of a single personal injury commission to hear claims and disputes designed to provide greater alignment of the dispute resolution processes across the schemes.

The implementation of these changes will involve consultation with scheme providers and stakeholders to determine the best model to achieve this objective.
Notably, the committees’ report recommended that:

  • The workers compensation CTP dispute resolution systems be consolidated into a single commission by expanding the jurisdiction of the Workers Compensation Commission; and
  • The commission should be independent and judicial, have officers who are statutorily appointed presiding officers; have provision for a judicial appeal mechanism, publish its decisions and allow claimants to access legal representation.