Dispute Resolution

Life Insurance, Superannuation & Advice
Life Insurance, Superannuation & Advice

Assisting our clients to resolve disputes (and averting potential disputes) with their valued customers and other stakeholders, is a core part of what we do. 

Whether it be before AFCA, the Australian Human Rights Commission or across all levels of courts throughout Australia, we are ready to step in to protect our clients’ interests when the dispute process is initiated. 

With multiple dedicated life specialists on the ground in all three of our Eastern Seaboard offices, we are proud of the fact that we have the honed to the minute skills, tenacity and experience to deliver results for our life insurance and superannuation clients. With additional thriving life dispute practices in the outlying states as well, TurksLegal offers a truly national dispute resolution solution geared towards resolving disputes quickly, inexpensively and with superior outcomes allowing our clients to move on and do what they do best, while growing their life and superannuation businesses for the benefit of all Australians.

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