Client Care

Turks is a client-centric firm and our culture starts and ends with delivering on our promises to our clients.

In dealing with our clients we are free from any sense of entitlement to ongoing work. Rather, trust and true partnership and the resulting opportunity for further collaboration are all earned on a daily basis. It is this approach which has allowed us to measure our clients’ time with us in generations rather than years.

We take nothing for granted and our aim is to make the client experience from initial instructions to concluding email, second to none. Every single time.

In order to continually monitor our ability to deliver on our promises, we have developed unique systems to continually measure and assess our clients’ satisfaction levels. This includes a combination of regular in-depth client interviews and a rolling schedule of third party administered NPS surveys.

We are proud of the fact that our NPS currently stands at over 80 which is world-class by industry standards!